Raxak Security protection (P) Ltd. (RSPL) is India’s foremost training institute dedicated to uplifting the standards of service in the security industry through comprehensive and innovative training of Security personnel. RSPL providing the individual with world- class skills in Protection, threat detection, fire-fighting, materials control & accounting as well as soft skills such as courtesy, positive attitude and loyalty towards client. RSPL path breaking training modules enable security guards not only to handle physical security requirements but also situations that call for intelligence and judgment.

Our Training Cycle-
A. Basic Training Program Provided by RSPL

Physical Aspects
Professional Knowledge and Skills
People Skills
Positive Attitude
Environmental Training (Pariyavaran)

B. In – House Training At RSPL

Dedication & Hard work

C. Our Training module Includes

1. Basic Training
2. Specialized Training
3. Supervisory, pre- Job & refresher training

D. On Site Training

1. Orientation
2. Tasks & Duties
3. Site Assessment
4. Risk Assessment
5. Threat Perceptions
6. Contingency Planning
7. Practice Drills
8. Emergency Procedures
Raxak provide a training program to all security personnel before being placed on assignment which includes.
Physical Training – We provide physical training to our security professionals to overcome any kind of physical threats. The physical training includes physical conditioning and/unarmed combat.
Professional Training– RSPL provides professional training to its security personnel to effectively handle any kind of emergency including personal protection, security patrolling, industrial unrest, liaison with local authorities and vehicles.
People Skills Training– Raxak provides people skills training to its security personnel to effectively handle all aspects of industrial relations with government departments, customer care etc.
Positive Attitude- Raxak holds many sessions to develop a positive attitude in its security personnel to cope with difficult real life situations without bitterness or spluttering negativity.
Environmental Training– Raxak also trains its security personnel to be eco- friendly in their outlook and care for the Paryavaran (Environment).

DRILL – To enable the trainee to carry out the duties as uniformed security staff in immaculate dress, having smart, crisp movements, responding promptly to orders of superiors in a disciplined manner at all times without fuss.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONING & UNARMED COMBAT – To improve physical fitness of the trainee, enabling him to be capable of carrying out sustained work, thereby contributing to a healthy body capable of resisting small illness. They also learn to handle certain violent situations.

Search and Blocking
Raxak security protection (P) Ltd. provides this training to make the trainees aware of the importance of security patrols in maintaining security and safety of the organization’s premises. At the end of the training session, the trainee is able to prevent thefts and pilferage and other crimes, illegal encroachments, accidents and report any breaches of safety regulations, unauthorized entry at the organization’s premises particularly at night.

Personal Protection :
Raxak Security Protection (P) Ltd provides this training to enable the trainees to carry out the tasks of basic unarmed personal protection. After training, the security personnel are able to provide protection to the designated.

Emergency Situations and Actions of Security Staff There upon
Raxak Security Protection (P) ltd. provides this training to prepare the trainees to be able to recognize an emergency pertaining to fire, bomb threat, dacoity, arson, riot, serious injury, drunkenness and sexual harassment and to take immediate and appropriate action to come to the help of the victims without loss of time.

Liaison with Police and Filing an FIR
Raxak security protection (P) Ltd.Provides this training to make the trainees aware of the importance of maintaining good liaison with the local police and learn how to file an FIR in accordance with the existing laws, rules and regulations.